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In Defense of Twins

The twin bedroom gets a bad rap.  Often scorned and deemed a “B” room assignment by some, I am here to put in a good word for the twin room.  My husband and I have 5 children and large extended families on both sides.  Luckily, our children seem to have a lot of friends who come to visit.  Sleeping large crowds can be  challenging and my daughter, from age 5, has been a master at sketching a room assignment chart for big holidays or vacation visits.  This is when twin rooms show their merit.  Two sons arriving with girlfriends who have never met?? They are happy to twin-it but would rather not share a bed with a stranger.  All-male golf or fishing outing? Same thing–a twin will suit but no shared beds for the guys.  And we can’t forget all the times the the other twin bed has happily housed your child’s sleepover guest.


After some research I have identified several reasons why twins are deemed less comfortable.  When purchasing mattresses, most shoppers are comfortable splurging on a bedroom mattress if it’s a king or queen but they are inclined to shop a lower price point for a twin.  Consider upgrading to a high quality twin and always purchase a twin that’s extra long in length.  Two twins don’t make a king but two XL twins are the same size as a standard king.  This extra length makes all the difference, especially for anyone over 5’10”.  The same goes for sheets and bedding.  Outfit your twins with same 1000-point thread count as your Master.


Using king-sized pillows at the head of a twin fills the head of a bed nicely for a luxe look.



With fabric panels in lieu of proper beds or headboards, the panels can be adjusted and the beds can be pushed together and dressed as a king bed in a pinch.


Visual symmetry is inherently pleasing to the eye and if you put two well dressed twins on a wall together with a table and and a lamp or a sconce between them it’s going to look great.  Promise.



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Virtual Design Fantasy

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