How do you craft a home that fits to a T?

That is tailored to a person’s lifestyle, perfectly expresses their personality, and is as comfortable as a second skin? Over more than two decades, acclaimed Southern designer Janie Molster has become known for creating sophisticated and vibrant spaces that are also finely attuned to their occupants. In her first monograph, House Dressing, Molster reveals the secrets behind her unique ability to fashion felicitous interiors and shares the principles that guide her work.

House Dressing combines Molster’s lively and thoughtful personal reflections on interiors she has created with enlightening texts on her design philosophy. Showcasing a broad range of projects, this book invites readers into country cottages, riverside manses, and Molster’s own urban farmhouse as she recounts the story and describes her thinking behind each one. Insightful essays among the projects provide a master class on how to work with color, pattern, and texture to make spaces that are in turn bold, calm, glamorous, and comfortable, and always personal.