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I have very talented friends whose brains I pick about flower design on a regular basis. To me it is as if they step into the backyard or garden, clip some errant branches and voila, an uncontrived tablescape masterpiece appears. I have to put a little more thought into these things, but I always look for easy ways to dress my table that don’t require the hunting and gathering of exotic flowers & accessories. Just this week my artist friend Nancy hosted a beautiful cocktail buffet with a standout centerpiece-a small glass cylinder container within another larger cylinder. Beautiful roses were in the center container and exotic fish swam about in the exterior cylinder–I will be stealing that one!

At our holiday office party I ran a piece of simple burlap down the table center and layered low greens (Magnolia, Acuba, and Poet’s Laurel). A few different color ribbons were intertwined with the greens and I used small clusters of roses and pomegranates for added color.

jmd office party table 1 crop

These placemats were a big hit for the holiday in our JMD Home pop-up shop at the Shops at 5807. (available in gold, silver, and champagne)

jmd office party table 2

I still love my Herend China that I randomly selected as young bride.

place setting china

Miniature sheepskin throws are fun and cozy to add to chairs seats for winter meals.

jmd office party 4 chairs

It’s easy to recreate a low, long, and seasonal table design with other materials. At Thanksgiving I used a darker burlap, bittersweet vine, small pumpkins, gourds, and sunflowers.

thanksgiving crop

Ina Garten’s new cookbook makes enjoying your party a lot easier. This week I have prepared the Coquilles Saint Jacques, Moroccan Lamb Tagine, and Tri-Berry Crumbles – all easy and delicious.

ina garten

With love and thanks to my special helper.




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