Janie Molster creates sophisticated interiors that express her clients’ vision and embrace their lives.  “I love designing beautiful spaces, but I also want people to live fully in their homes, to relax and enjoy a pretty room without worrying about fragile fabrics and accessories.” A North Carolina native and mother of five, she knows that life brings frayed edges, “but an elegant interior, handled thoughtfully, infuses a busy home with warmth and personality.”

Southern Accents describes her work as “contemporary and dynamic, with stimulating and unpredictable design elements.”  Her rooms have also been featured in Traditional Home, Southern Living, and Renovation Style. But ultimately, she believes, the most inviting interiors look as if they’ve evolved naturally, over time. Equally adept at saturating rooms in color and layering textured neutrals, Janie creates an aesthetic authenticity that aligns the fresh and the faded, the well-loved informing the new.

Since opening her first studio in Richmond, Virginia in 1990 Janie has transformed residential and commercial spaces nationwide. Working with a team of five, her portfolio includes urban townhouses, boutique hotels, private clubs, and homes from Virginia to California.  “The mix inspires us; we like them all. “

She approaches each project with a collaborative spirit that reflects her Southern roots and refreshing candor. “I love the connection that develops with residential clients. It often begins over a folder of torn-out magazine pages and a couple of Pinterest boards,” she explains. “Good taste isn’t enough. We figure out what they’re responding to; is it the color, the texture, the pattern?  We’re translators.  We capture that jumble of beautiful concepts and create a workable plan, and I think we do that well.  In the end, the most satisfying compliment I can get is, you understood how I needed to live in my space better than I did.”